ICONOMI in Vienna: Meet the Managers - UPDATES

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I am very proud to have been invited by ICONOMI to speak at the Meet the Managers event on February 14th in Vienna, Austria.

CARUS-AR will be joined by three other ICONOMI DAA managers: Columbus Capital, Pecun.io, and Solidum Capital. Each will share their insights about managing digital assets and the crypto-economy at large.


I will share updates about my trip and the ICONOMI event here.

Waiting for my plane

13-02-2018 - 08:50

Updating this page and will be setting up a Telegram group should anybody want to meet in Vienna.

Waiting for my plane

The event

15-02-2018 - 10:49

Sorry I didn't have time to share more during the event, was way to buisy speaking with all the great people there.

Quick updates

  • all 4 DAA managers had solid presentations, some similar points but very interesting view on the markets and future expectations
  • all agree ETH probably will overtake BTC in 2018, CARUS-AR is hower more bullish on Bitcoin then the other DAA managers
  • all are bullish long term on crypto
  • quite some talk about future legislation for crypto and how this will affect the market
  • around 50-55 people I would guess (not sure on this)
  • the event looks very nice and Proffesional, well organized
  • hard to know, but I would say most were already in crypto and many know ICONOMI already, did speak to two more high level investors from the traddional markets, they liked the talks and gave me positive feedback
  • sadly no big news or updates from ICONOMI
  • main response about a very fair question about the lack of connection between the value of ICN and the ICONOMI company: we are focused on the development of the platform, ICN utility and marketing will come later, some seemed less happy about this response (so am I but it's not news to me)


I gave lots of feedback to the ICONOMI team about the event and other general issues. A few of the main topics I discussed:

  • next time 1 speaker less and more time for the discussion
  • more focus on new potential investors, try to not have only people already in crypto
  • I explained that many (including me) view a event like this as the prefect chance to share (big or small) news, why not have the Android app launch at the event or just share minor teasers for new plans or developments
  • I shared my view that I think ICONOMI should do more promotion, even if the platform is not finished yet, no hype bit at least some stuff
  • explained many times that the main features I need are: Fiat gateways and to have a crypto safe haven to move my DAA to during bear markets.
    All of this is coming, hopefully soon
ICONOMI Meet the Managers event in Vienna with Menno Pietersen from CARUS-AR

Video's of the presentations

I recorded the talks of the ICONOMI Meet the Manager event in Vienna on my phone, not great quality but watchable.

Menno Pietesren - CARUS AR, presentation

Watch CARUS AR presentation

Matej Tomazin - COO ICONOMI, Keynote

Watch Matej Tomazin Keynote

Thank you ICONOMI, Vienna and all those who attented the event

15-02-2018 - 11:05

I would like to thank ICONOMI for allowing me to speak, the event gave me even more motivation to keep working hard and sharing all I can about crypto.

The location was beautiful, it was very nice get to meet the Pecun, Solidum and Columbus Capital DAA teams. Great to hear we share very positive views about crypto long term.

Finally I would like to thank: Lovro, Andrej and Geert Jan for joining me before the event, was great to discuss crypto with you all!

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