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The Digital Portfolio CARUS-AR (CAR) as provided by ICONOMI is not a product or service of CarusAes. The role of CarusAes with relation to CARUS-AR is advisory.
Digital Portfolios, available through the Platform, are managed by ICONOMI. Third parties, not in any way related to ICONOMI (“Digital Portfolio Experts” or “Experts”), advise regarding the structure, time of rebalancing, and other characteristics of the Digital Portfolios. Experts are bound by the General Terms and Conditions for Digital Portfolio Experts prepared by ICONOMI. (more information about this can be found on the GTC Digital Portfolio Experts Summary page.

There is no reason to believe that the CAR will increase in value, it might decrease in value or can lose it’s value entirely.

CAR does not have or require (Dutch) regulatory oversight. Please read the full GTC End Users Terms & Conditions of ICONOMI before registering your account and getting involved in the CAR.

Click here for the ICONOMI Terms & Conditons (GTC End Users Summary).